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The subjects covered by our curriculum of 13 audio lessons have been chosen to provide instruction in the fundamental areas of daily living skills and mobility. (See Free Audio Lessons section.) They specifically target those issues that most often impact independent living and the quality of life for adults with vision impairments, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and other diseases affecting the retina.

Four of the lessons teach adaptive skills that are used in the kitchen and in the preparation of food. The ability to get around both in the house and when going out is covered by two mobility lessons. Personal care is the subject of three tapes that cover personal grooming, doing the laundry, and managing medications. One of the lessons teaches techniques which help avoid embarrassment when dining with others and another lesson delivers practical advice on using the telephone. Additionally, the introductory lesson will always accompany the first lesson that is sent to a new client.

Each lesson is designed to “stand alone” and there is no progressive order or sequence to the lessons. An individual can choose the subject areas that are the most troublesome and order only those lessons, skipping those areas that are not problematic.
Just call our toll free telephone number. You'll talk with a vision counselor who will determine which lessons are appropriate for you to begin with. The lessons are designed for use in the privacy of your home. Within a week you'll receive free of charge your first lessons. We do not require any designation of legal blindness, and your call is strictly confidential.

Eating Without Embarrassment SAMPLE INTRO
Locating and identifying items at a place setting SAMPLE LESSON

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